Feb 28, 2008

Cutie's Castration

So yeah..yesterday i finally brought Cutie for castration. looks damn 'cham' wei. i didn't know have to shave off her hair b4 operation lor.

i didn't take down the pics of her when
her leg was kinda weak, cant stand at all. because i was kinda worry and bit nervous seeing her in that condition. (never experience b4 mar)

so, after i picked her up from the clinic, then i faster send her back home lor. then she keep having the sound as if 'i feel pain'. lol

once reached home, we gave her food. didn't eat much too. i think she was kinda tired gua and missed her bros. haha.

so this morning, i took a few of her pics that looks okay alre
ady lar.

we were so carefully handle her, cz scared she feel pain. lol

A close up view of her operation scar. can see the tread leh. scary.

we didn't let her run around also. just let her out of the cage once awhile only, scared something that will hurts her wound.

i wonder takes how long for her part of hair to grow..looks a bit the awkward without some hair there. haha.

p.s: it cost me RM100 for castration. haha. i pk dy. i have 2 more for this leh. :(
but, it sure worthy cz it can prevent unnecessary pregnancy! :) haha

p.ss: i know how serious it will be if i didn't do so. thanks to twins for invited me to the seminar! haha.

*oh ya..the clinic i went is located at PJ Old Town, called Animal Health Clinic. lame. lol
its an Indian veterinary surgeon. service not bad lar.

4 stars*:

-Littlenicky- said...

unnecessary pregnancy hahahaha

what is necessary pregnancy then? haha

cheahwey said...

Necessary pregnancy is when you have to fuck to make babies to pass down the surname.

Necessary pregnancy is when you have to fuck to make babies to inherit the moolah your lou dao is leaving you.

Necessary pregnancy is when you have to fuck to make babies to be able to keep "pets".
Yes, kids are actually pets if you think about it.

I'm so proud of you!!! *clap clap*

_VeL_ said...

wah..chea hwey explained everything for me dy..with 'great' terms..lol

i felt glad that i have castrated her earlier too..ifnot, who knows what will happen..haha.

Cathy said...

who knows what will happen??i know lar..then she ma get pregnant lor..haha..funny la u PC...lol

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