Feb 17, 2008

hate confession


Just too bored to be at home..:/

Just now went to eat Satay with my grandparents and lil cousins. cz my grandma was lazy to cook for us..haha.

so, she said "y dun we just go out and eat leh?" lol (in Cantonese, of course!)

*for ur info, i hv 3 lil cousin bros..but we kinda isolate the 2nd bro alot.

.:: personally, i don't really like him bcz he was rude to my grandma when she was still alive. i cant 4get that scene. he was 6years old. can you imagine that? i was really so mad till i wanna slap him! but i couldn't, because my grandparents was there. till now, i cant forgive his rude manners. even my maids don't like him too. what i can say is, my grandparents spoil him a lot.

This is taken with my lil cousins bro today..which i purposely don't want the 2nd bro to take with us. haha.

I might sounded a bit the small gas to him. but if u saw what he has did, u wouldn't want to forgive him too. if it wasn't for my grandparents, i would slap him and kick his ass off from my house! i mean it!

and till now, he hasn't change his RUDE manners. such a fat ass boy! and i really hate to see him hang around in my house. maybe he would hate me when he grows up..but he really should 'gim tou' of what he did. he is the 2nd bro among them..

but look at Seng Seng, the youngest one. he is so adorable and nice manner. he listens to what we say, what is can do, what is cannot do. that's why we love him.

*maybe you guys will feel i should be more generous and kind to him. but i just can't do it. i love my grandma so much. i just hate him everytime i see him. out of control. i wish i will never see him again, sometimes.

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