Feb 12, 2008

Kung Fu Dunk~!

Yes..we went to watch Kung Fu Dunk today..in Mandarin Version! haha
when the movie first started, no english subtitles at all..:/
i mean for those director, actor..
y we were worrying got subtitle or not? bcz wayne is a pure banana~ lol. that's y.
anyway, the movie has english and MALAY subtitles lar..no worries! hehe.

* we kept laughing during the movie..Jay Chou is so good in acting dumb! haha. the way he showed off his kung fu skills to his enemy is so cool~! it is worth to watch for making your day brighter.lol

btw, we got a souvenir when we purchased the tickets at MV. i guess we had a funny conversation with the counter boy. lol

doesn't look like him lar..haha.
btw, its a calender, which is behind it..LOL

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