Feb 24, 2008

Last day of FUN

Tomorrow my class is starting already. i feel it's kinda fast that my 2 months holidays are gone. haha.

Although today is my last day of holiday, but it don't seems fun. lol

just met Wayne for lunch again, because he is working today again. didn't have a chance to go out together to have some fun thou. sad :(

btw, today we went to tried new food. haha.
we went to a cafe called Jom Bali Cafe (I guess so). not to say a new food to us, just different environment gua. lol

.:: he ordered nasi lemak ayam rendang which is the 'special offer' for today that free 'tau fu fa'! and also one cold white chocolate. haha. for me, i only oredered Ribena Longan. lol

.:: Total cost is RM16.62. included taxes and service charge. i still can remember wor. haha.

* for your info, this Jom Bali Cafe is located inside the Tesco, of Damansara. Opposite Mega Courts. go try it out someday! haha.

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