Feb 26, 2008

Morning View

Okay, this morning, i have the mood to take the pics for what i have seen while i was driving to wayne's house at 7am in the morning! lol

this rainy cloudy morning, i was driving in the highway. non stop, bcz the traffic wasn't that heavy yet. so smooth. 7am mar. what u think leh hor? haha.

so, i reached old town by driving 100km/h averagely. it took me 15mins, kinda fast already lar. lol

then, i stopped at this traffic light, which i saw this 2 dogs were sleeping at the junction of the road. kinda weird to see this becz dogs normally find hidden or not so crowded places to sleep wan mar.

they can sleep there as if it's so normal. haha.

then, i reached his house after this traffic light lor. while i was waiting outside of his house, i took another pic. it's the field that is kinda wet and dark at another part.

this field, normally full of a group of folks that 'sa tai gek' together one. i guess becz of the weather caused the day is still so dark at 715am.
this pic looks like, as if it's 7pm at night. lol

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