Feb 26, 2008

Red Wine Mask

Yesterday night, i applied this mask for the sake of.....erm....prettiness? is this the word? i'm so not sure. lol

anyway, what i wanna tell here is, this mask is really works, and it's awesome! i can feel the effects right after i applied the moisturizer. so smooth. haha.

it's from Japan and Taiwan, but i get to buy it from a forum. it's not very expensive also lar. still at affordable price, which is rm5 per piece. still okay right? yet, it's suitable for all skin type.

i have such sensitive skin that my cheek will be itchy for some unidentified reason. i also don't know why. then, after i use this Balancing Face mask, it improved my skin quite a lot.

u can check it out here!

p.s: i can assure you that she is a good and nice seller. becz i dealed with her few times already.

2 stars*:

cheahwey said...

Not talking about this post in particular, but are you writing for the sake of racking up posts?

_VeL_ said...

no lar..even enough post, but still not enough days..haha.

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