Feb 21, 2008

saja saja a day is gone.

My day...:(

today thought can meet up wayne for a pasar malam walk lor..
at first, he said 4pm see how 1st lar..then then then..

wayne: kenot lar..have to help my dad out abit for my car repairing. 7pm lar..k?

me: ok ler..then 7pm lor.. (better than nothing)

wayne: i kenot promise u sure can wan wor..don't know dat time can finish or not.

me: har..ok lor.. (i seriously thought he could finish all his work by 7pm)
7pm is here..so, i called him lor..

wayne: haven finish wor..later i sms u lar, k?

me:(honestly, i was abit the 'ng lan song' dy) ok lor..

9pm already lor..

.:: i know he do so much work today also tired like hell lor..samore got mood go pasar malam with me meh..so, i told him dunwan meet ler..

just like this, from noon excited sia sia only..what a day..cannot angry also..he wants to repair his car so can pick me mar..everytime also this reason..i already used to it lor..:(

0 stars*:

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