Feb 13, 2008

Vaccination & Dewormed

today i brought Cutie to Clinic for vaccination and dewormed. is it called dewormed? i supposed it is gua..haha.

i only brought her..cz actually i wanted to 'mandul' her too..lol but cant do at the same time with vaccination..so, have to wait 2 more weeks then bring her there again lor..

.:: at first, when we left my house, Cutie was so scared..keep 'miaw' for very long time..i guess she thought im bringing her to sell or dump her at somewhere else gua..haha.

she only stayed at that corner for the whole journey..
nothing i can do, even though i know she is scared..
be patient lor..

.:: when i reached the clinic, the doc went out for lunch, so i waited in the car lor..then i took this pic..which i realized Cutie's eye lashes are brown too~ so cute...lol

this is taken when im not driving dy, so she stopped miaw-ing. lol
look so sad hor..can see her eye lashes? now only i realized after having her for 6months++..lol

*p.s: taken by my nokia 7390! damn clear hor..haha.

.:: by the time at 2.00pm, the doc is back..then he injected some medic on her..Cutie tak ada reaction pun..maybe its not pain gua..lol then ate some medic..i guess it is so bitter..she doesn't want to swallow it..the doc forced her to swallow..cham! i felt for her too. but no choice, have to eat it..lol

*p.s: it cost RM50 for vaccination and dewormed..just one injection lor..damn expensive..kill me..lol. left Molly & Slowy..should just bring them 2 along..it might be cheaper..haha.

1 stars*:

cheahwey said...

Cats have eye lashes?! Wicked!

And it's GUO Zhang. Change your link la. You piss GUO Zhang off.

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