Mar 2, 2008

emotional moment

Today, we went to Nirvana Memorial Park for my both grandmas'.

without realizing, they have left us for 1 year already. it is kinda emotional everytime i think of my grandmas.

especially po po, the one who raised me, companioned me, taught me, scolded me, praised me, for everything that she did for me. i miss her so much! every night, i would still think of her. tell her, what happened in my days. i guess she would like to know whether wayne and i still together along too.

sometimes, when i was alone in this big house, which my maids are not home, only im alone, i would wish that she is here with me. chat with me, bout my parents past, her funny experiences. but i know this will never happen again. :(
i know my dad misses her too. saw his expressions before we left. he got loads of things wanna tell her, i know.

we brought many food that my both grandmas love to eat. some food, that po po cant eat when she was here. we know she loves it.

let's the pictures do the talking. (i was the photographer, lol)
the morning view of Nirvana Memorial Park.

my grandparents' grave yard.
burning things for them.
everyone takes turn to 'siong heong'

po po's grave yard.

burning things for po po too.

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