Mar 25, 2008

Freaks people out

oh yeah, i want to share this freaky weird thing with you guys~ seriously weird, but it's very the true. lol

recently, wayne's friend discovered this Peter answers website. it's visual tarot wor.

u ask question, and Peter will answer.

BUT hor, not everyone can get answers from him. he only answer those people who trust him! deeply~ haha.

so yeah, his friends is one of the lucky ones! Peter answered all of his questions.

p.s: wayne and his bunch of friends ask questions like:

a. how many times Sunil (one of his friends) have sex before?
Peter answer: 2 times, but many times with one girl. (they all laugh like shit, and Sunil say it's true, lol)

b. who is sae weng's girl friend?
Peter answer: pc (wah~, damn shock lor. wayne was so freak out. haha)

c. how many bmw cars in sae weng house now?
Peter answer: 3. (wayne say is 4. his friends say, you drove one to college, ma left 3 lor, LOL)

d. who Jason (his friend too) fall in love with?
Peter answer: Nadirah. (ok, this freaks them out A LOT~ bcz thy never mentioned or typed Nadirah's name in b4. so weird hor?)

So, and many many more they have ask Peter. haha.

p.s: go try it out if you don't believe it. but, one thing, not everyone is that lucky~ haha.

p.p.s: tell me if you can get answers from him. hehe.


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