Mar 17, 2008

Fun Fair

Yesterday night, wayne and i 'sam huet loi chiu' wanna go fun fair. since i found out that this place ada, so we went there see see lar.

this fun fair is located at cheras selatan, opposite Jusco, beside Econsave. haha

unexpected thing is, many people went to this fun fair also. lol

once we reached, then we go checked out the price for the token. guess what?
it's RM2 for 1 bloody token. and we realized most of the stores, minimum also required 2 or 3 tokens to play. other places also cheaper lar.
so, we decided not to play. just walk walk around and see see awhile lor.

then i took several pictures of the place.

macam quite dangerous lor. haha

they are playing a game called lingo collection. i think. some sort like bingo wan lar. lol
can see the big and long yellow soft toy in front of the guy or not? temptating. ~_~

2 stars*:

cheahwey said...


that looks like the same fun fair we shot in PD!!!

_VeL_ said...

firstly, im not a dude, dai lou.

secondly, this is a 'portable' set up fun fair, i guess thy might hv been to PD b4 gua.

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