Mar 7, 2008

Syok Subject

So we had our very 1st lecture and tutorial class for ECON TECHNIQUE. lol

when i saw the econ words, i thought it would be theories again..terms again..lots of lots of words lar..but then hor..guess what?
it's about the Modern Maths + Additional Maths that we learned during our secondary school b4..damn syok right? haha

but then..we were damn relax lor..his lecture was so cool..keep telling us that we can score high distinction for this subject..telling us how easy is it..during the whole lecture, my friends and I like 'bei hui gong ge yeh zha dou' lor..haha

and he kept repeating that he was teaching this subject for the past 14years already

trying to show off how geng is him..haha.

however, he is seriously better than other econs lecturer lor..atleast i won fall asleep and still can understand. haha

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