Apr 25, 2008

Back from dreams

So, im back! haha

actually, it was planned to be a 4 days trip. but some thing happened on the 4th day, so we decided to stay one more night in Terengganu.

nothing much to do there. just eat, drive around, and sleep. haha. bored.

btw, we went to the Terengganu beach on the 1st day. quite windy and comfortable. lol.

anyway, redang trip was cool too. i still had a lil sea sick. lol

however, the resort is much better compared with Perhentian one. haha. i get to rest well after got down from the boat. hehe

i was so glad. got heater (most importantly, hehe), comfortable beds, big room. what else?

just got back today around 9pm, so haven't upload those pictures yet. baru bath also. hehe

eventually, i have 200+ pictures. haha. got underwater photos too.

will upload in facebook on tomorrow or later gua. bit lazy lar. too many pictures to arrange. haha

however, we felt time passed so bloody fast. didn't felt like we went for 3days 2 nights to redang also. haha.

p.s: check out my facebook pictures soon.

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