Apr 2, 2008

Carl's Jr

before the movie starts, we went to Carl's Jr to makan.

since we both haven eat, and we heard that their portion is very large for 1 set, so we decided to share.

this is what we ordered.

what..bacon chicken burger..with large fries and drink..

after eating, macam not so full lor. haha. but the drink can keep re-fill lar. so, not bad hor..

guess how much was it? erm, it was RM28.30. lol

although the portion was large, but we both still feel doesn't worth it. haha.

rather pergi makan 2 sets of Mc Donalds. lol

the burger tasted good lar. bacon mar. haha. if not ordering set, just the burger, it cost RM17 ++.

what do you think? lol

yeah, so this was our experience. go try it out~

1 stars*:

Kuniko said...

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