Apr 18, 2008

counting down to fun time

Mid term is over~! damn syok~

counting down my days to Terengganu trip~ lol

actually, kinda excited, but definitely not because going to redang. -.- i seriously don't prefer going to the sea. sea side ok lar. but in the middle of the sea, no way~ lol

partly because is going with him lor. haha. can have our fun time after our exams are really cool~ cant wait for it. haha

took a few random pictures in this few days~

a smiley face that followed my dad from 1960's till now. haha

my cute little cousin~ my maid acting cute with him. lol

3 cats form a triangle. if i have 4 cats ma have a square? lol

a 'small' flood in front of my dad's pawn shop.


oh ya..my dad finally bought the myvi and i brought it back~ haha

it's SE edition and red in color..so red ar...........lol

my dad said he is selling off my kenari, and i might be driving that myvi. don't know true or not. he always ffk me wan lor. in words term.

front look

back look

the number plat is same as my sister's car one. 3788~ haha

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