Apr 15, 2008

my cute Wenni~ lol

yeah~ Finance is done! haha.

it wasn't really hard, but i still don't have much confidence on my score. lol. IN CASE~

"i thought it's right, but actually it's wrong." it always happens. :S

after the test, we went to Asia cafe makan then go back to college's resource lab and hung around.

got couch there mar. so, 4 of us sat there and chit chat as if no one is there. now, i realized we were talking quite loud. haha.

then, my cute Wenni, folded this heart shape. lol

it's a booklet. from watson. haha

can you imagine how she looks like? haha. she is cuteeeeeeee. lol

she would have kill me if she read this. probably. maybe. definitely. hahaha

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