Apr 8, 2008

redang trip :) not so good.

as what i mentioned, i'm going to redang. with him and his college mates, that i know quite well. haha.

if i'm not going, guess she will be the only girl there. god knows what kind of people will take mechanical engineering course. lol

actually, i don't really prefer sea. AGAIN. haha

as i have sea sick, have to eat medicine lor. sigh. fun or not like this?!

but, nvm ler. he is paying for all, anyway. he wants to join them, and ngeh ngeh pull me along. so, that's how it works. haha

hopefully, this time i really could have some fun. sleeping in a BETTER room. lol

someone knows what i'm talking about here.

btw, we are sharing a room with extra 2 person. which means 4 people in a room~ haha. cheaper alot mar. better, save his money! haha

So, they have booked everything. i guess i can't say no already.

i shall see how the trip will be. lol. because we are driving to Terengganu then go redang! yeah~!

p.s: this time i surely will take alot alot alot of pictures! hahaha

4 stars*:

-Littlenicky- said...

haha redang is more high class than perhentian haha so dun worry you'll get nice rooms this time.

But 2 extra light bulb =S

_VeL_ said...

quad room is cheaper mar. more fun actually. just that last time u guys wanna camp, wayne doesn't like camp at all. lol

btw, not that we want privacy so MUCH lar. so, it's ok. haha

cheahwey said...

You have my condolences..

1. Bring your own plastic bag. You dont know how big the plastic bags they provide.
2. Sit at the back of the boat
3. Sleep if you know you won't be able to take it.
4. Makan something sour...

So which resort you guys going to?

_VeL_ said...

hwey: bring plastic beg ar? can i puke at the sea? hehe

hmm..i must eat medic lar.ifnot, seriously can't have any fun. lol

ya, i probably will bring 'suen mui'.in case, i really cant take it. haha

we are staying in Reef Resort. it's his friend's family's friend resort. so we get a cheaper rate. haha. this is what we called connection. lol

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