Apr 29, 2008

surprises of the day~

yesterday, my grandma bought her friend over to my house for dinner. i guess they just bumped into each other, then she brought her back. (sounds bit funny, i feel)

anyway, then her friend talked bout her married-and-
divorced daughter. she said her daughter dated with her ex-husband since form 3, for 11 years. then they married for 1 year and divorced.

god~ i was thinking..hmmm..sounds like us thou (choi! touch wood). maybe we wouldn't be together for 11 years then get married lar. but what if we do?

so, i told him about this. guess what he said?

him: then we together for 12 years then only married lar.

me: after 12 years, we 26 already wor. so late meh?

him: then ar..we married after 10 years lar. can anot?

me: what if, u leave me before that?

him: i will leave you when i'm 100 years old lar.

me: *sad*

him: u think i got that long life meh? that time i also die already.

me: *laugh*

end of conversation.

probably a bit the mou liu. haha. but just feel happie
r after hearing him said that. lol


i picked my dad from airport just now. he went to Japan for a business trip.

anyway, he gave us a surprise. guess what?

he bought me and 2nd sister a Burberry purse.

dad said it cost RM500+. i was wah~ haha.
i know it's usual price lar. just didn't expected that he will buy for us as a surprise. lol

i wasn't so obsessed with these branded things. but i'm glad that my dad actually gave us (specifically, me. haha) a surprise. so unexpected and shocked.

and a Burberry handbag (mini type) for my eldest sister. (didn't take picture of it. actually, i kinda like hers.)

and also, he surely will buy a Burberry handbag (mature type) for my mom too. that's a habit for him. lol.

p.s: each also cost RM900+. wah~!

now my mom has a range of bag collections already. from different countries and different brands. haha. thanks to my dad~

THANKS again to my lovely dad!

btw, my eldest sis and me kissed him on his cheeks. :)

2 stars*:

cheahwey said...

Why your papa so funny, tell you how much it costs wan?

_VeL_ said...

no lar. actually, when we were still at living room, i asked him how much. that time i still don't know it's for me. haha. i think he didn't intend to tell me. but i asked. so, that's it.

then when go back to the room, he said come to his room. something to announce.

then tada~! a surprise for us. lol

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