Apr 2, 2008

Updates on Body Itch

from the previous post 'Body Itch'.

i got some sources already. a reliable source, which is from my uncle that currently staying at Melbourne, Australia. he is a doctor, btw.

my caring and lovely cousin bro, Julian, read my previous post, and consulted some advices from his dad.

this is what my uncle said: (after i sent my allergic picture to him)

That looks typically allergic. I used to get this too esp after a hot shower. Get her to take an antishistamine daily eg Telfast 60mg daily or others ?Zyrtec 1 daily. She can reduce the dose further like half a tab and see if it helps.
I can bet this will help her provided she takes it daily.
This condition is called IDIOPATHIC CHRONIC URTICARIA - very common problem.
Let me know how she goes

ok, i will go to the pharmacy later to get this tablet and see how will it goes later.
hopefully, i will get better and no more itchiness after bathing! yeah~

p.s: nicole, your way of curing this is unique. haha. but i think i can't tahan cold water lor. lol. somemore even colder water ar? i would/rather die. haha

thanks for the advices!

4 stars*:

-Littlenicky- said...

hahah then warm water all the way lor...

cuz weather hot like hell, so im used to bathing cold-er water lol..

ANyway, the allergy somehow turned to rashes after some time and it was HELL

i'm eating spirulina and it helps in curing the rashes lor.. i went see doctor and they say spirulina has "pai duk gong nang"

unique bathing method and spirulina works for me tho lol

_VeL_ said...

my rashes somehow only appeared after bathing, and just for awhile, then bo liao. lol

spirulina, last time i used to consumed it. then lazy dy, din take dy lar. haha.

last time, i was thinking weather so hot, so take cold bath when i get home.however, i still take hot bath! haha. cz my room sudah ada air cond. lol stupid hor?

-Littlenicky- said...

haha me also leh.. happened only after bathing. but then later i experiment lor.. try this and that slowly.. first i skip all the very drying soap like dettol and protex...

but i like to store my clothes in the fridge while im bathing.. then bathe cold water, then wear cold clothes..walk in aircon room hahhaha... syok sial!!

_VeL_ said...

wah..serious shit ar?

store ur cloths in fridge ar? xiao betul. lol

now, i took this medic dy..few days after bath also not itchy dy. i think it's taking effect. haha

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