Apr 19, 2008

will miss ya, daryl. lol

so, today we had a farewell lunch for daryl in Mid Valley, Little Vietnamese.

before meeting the rest, daryl picked me up from house and went mv together. so, i took pics of this. haha.

he wanted to pierce his ears before going to japan wor. lol

sprayed something first.
get ready~

ahhhh~! little bit pain. haha.

wanted to eat at Kenny Roger, but we ada 10 person wor. they cant serve us quick too. so, we changed venue lor. i was very the hungry. lol

Little Vietnamese' food is kinda nice lar. shared a set with daryl. haha

we divided the food well, and eat! haha

luckily changed venue. cuz suddenly some people are invited. lol

so, we
cam whored with him lar. and then sat there for around 2hours, we ciao. went to The Garden to cam whore again! haha.

around 5pm, i met with Wayne, auntie and Terence. went to Jusco shop for his shoe. finally, bought a
Crocodile shoe. haha.

then, we went to
Penang cafe makan. (do not have other better choice, haha) auntie paying, so we ordered quite a lot. haha. whole table also food.

fishball soup is mine~ haha. and the cendol too!
middle one, is lobak. i think so.


oh ya..tomorrow is the day!

the day to redang~! a lil bit the excited. hehe

haven pack yet also. don't know what else i should bring.

medicine? checked! but then hor..shall i buy the pill for late period ar? scared half way 'auntie visit' how? aiyo, tomorrow only think wanna buy or not lar.

okay, so dun miss me! hehe. jk nia. :D

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