May 3, 2008

being together

when i drove out from sg wang, it was bloody hell jam. plus, i think it was going to rain and it's saturday~! how could it be not jam leh?

anyway, so i was stuck in the jam. which i saw 2 couples are not really in a mood, i guess.

the first couple:

they were walking towards kl direction.

the guy was holding her bag. and he wanted to 'tem' her and hold her, but she push his hands away. macam
' don't touch me!'. (this situation is common lar, haha)

the second couple:

while they were walking towards KTM. probably going home already.

i feel they are a lil awkward or weird being together. not that their outlook not match or one thin one fat lar. it's like,
they were walking with holding hands.


the girl doesn't look happy, and this guy is like holding a kid. he walked at the front and hold her hand. from what i saw, they didn't speak a word throughout the journey walking to the KTM.

maybe they were having cool war, but how come they still hold hands ar?

anything just say out only lar. still can hold hands and walk wan ar? (i can't do it if im having cool war with him, haha)

this question pop out in my mind when i saw them.

if not happy, why wanna force yourself to be with him? even you really like him.

love don't count, i know. but sad moments count in the memory between you and him. you will remember those too, seriously.

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