May 5, 2008

a sleepy day

it's my first time of wanted to fall asleep when attending BST class.

luckily, it involved some calculations at the end, which gave me something to hold on before seriously fall asleep in front of my tutor. haha.

when i was listening to his explanation, seriously, my eyes were going to close.

i guess because was back quite late on sunday night, didn't get enough sleep, and need to send my sis to school at 6am. i went to his house and nap a while only, then off to college.

however, i reached home around 430pm. changed and straight jumped on my soft, comfortable bed~! haha.

slept till 930pm. missed my dinner. lol

just ate with my parents after i woke up. =)

i still feel sleep thou. what a pig. haha.

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