May 2, 2008

unexpected date~

after my class ended, i thought of going home. be guai lui. haha

but i still can't held myself to called him, and ask him where is he. so he said he is at home. as i expected. lol

so, we talked on the phone quite awhile, and

he said: you come over my house first lar.

that time, i was Weeeeee. haha

so, i reached his house. chat and chat. then decided to go Mid Valley watch movie. AGAIN.

at first, we planned to watch..opps..i forgot what is it called.

however, we switched to Iron Man. which is fantastically nice! i guess everyone of you know what show it is lar. go watch it!~

i wish i am as rich as him and as genius as him. haha. he is seriously cool and great~

after the movie, when we wanted to go back, we passed by the Urban & Co. it is having sales, which is from RM9 to RM69. it's seriously cheap.

however, i can't find anything that fit into my sight. seriously. RM9 ones are like aunty looking, or not my size. RM69 ones are really nice and working type, but i wouldn't buy it. haha.

so this weekend, i'm not going out already. need to stay at home and finish up my assignment. the very last one. =)

have to control myself to stop walking around my house. haha.

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