May 12, 2008

Wallet Phone

i was researching for my International Marketing Feasibility Study. it's about Japan~!

cultural and cool technology i found in Japan. their wallet-phone is seriously cool. i knew bout this very long ago on TV. lol

didn't really get into it. now i know very well bout it. =)

this wallet-phone can use as cash, but of course mesti ada money inside lar. and also as credit card!

can buy concert tickets also. just 'beep' your phone at the counter then can go in watch concert already~ haha.

some other rewards when u sign up for the membership. cool~!

however, only Japanese have it! =x Malaysia tak ada this high tech phone here. lol

if not, we won't feel scared anymore walking alone at night. haha. no need bring money out at all. a phone is more than enough. = o

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