Jun 29, 2008

a wonderful weekend =D

Yesterday, we went for a movie called Get Smart at MV, 11pm. his work end at 930pm ma.

i even slept till 2pm due to the tiredness of work last few days. lol

this show is freaking funny la. it's worth to watch and brings laughter. =)

yup. after few days of work, this weekend is considered a wonderful weekend to me. haHahaha

i wonder how i handle the following month of work. she's leaving soon, and i will be carrying a laptop to work everyday for a month. AhhHhhh.

the building i'm working at, Wisma Goodyear is freaking far from the parking lo (the furthest building tim, +( ). have to climb a mini hill with a laptop wo. =S

and today, i'm staying at home to rest for the battle to begins on Monday.

watch drama, play with cats, eat, sleep. Yeahhhh.

right now, he is working at One U. our time to date is totally different now.

i have work on weekdays, while he have work on weekends. so, we can only date at night. lol

never mind, it's only for a MONTH. =''(

Jun 25, 2008

woman's office environment? =D

oh. first day at this new environment.

was kinda nervous. my heart was beating very fast, seriously. just feel a lil nervous of meeting some strangers. don't know how's their attitude towards me ma. maybe they will see me 'ng sun ngan' leh.

however, everything went smooth. my upper is a friendly woman. not like those having a fierce face hanging on their face. lol

but, i was very SLEEPY! due to the nervousness make me lack of sleep.

i wanna tell this. my office is basically full of womans. however, several part time guys are working too. not really sure what do they do. seriously.

will find out in my later on days. haven't spoke a word with them yet. haha

Jun 24, 2008

Finally, my holidays are not wasted anymore.

yesterday i made a call to Kelly Services. wondering whether they could get me a one month job.

today one of their colleague called me. =)

this is what we called efficiency. LOL

anyway, i accepted this job which i will work at Sirius Communication Sdn Bhd, located at Kelana Centre Point for a month.

immediately starting from tomorrow till end of July.

it's actually an event management company. they need a permanent staff actually, but Kelly Services couldn't get one. then, i volunteered myself right on time. =D

ya. according to him, they will be having an event going on next month. need a staff urgently.
so, they will provide me training for the event's purpose. i will have to handle call-in and walk-in clients too. =S

a little bit of fear. just scared i couldn't handle it well.

i think tonight i will not sleep well. nervous la. probably later apply a mask first. lol
this is the 4th time i working already, but still feeling like the first time. -.-

just came back from a primary classmates gathering. yes, primary. =)

they are from Kajang primary school, which i haven't see them since standard 4. because i transfered back to Chen Moh P.J after that. complicated la.

anyway, i'm glad to meet up with them. everyone seems to grow up. lol

have their own story to talk about. it was fun.

hopefully, after few years, we will get to meet up like this again. due to everyone is leaving M'sia very soon. ='(

Jun 23, 2008

so called HOLIDAYS +)

what i did since holidays started?

go out, watch drama, play with cats, wonder around my house, eat, sleep.

i have to get a job. immediately! i couldn't stand this kind of life already.

just called my agent. i guess they are looking a one month job for me now. =)

before my exam over, i kept thinking of holidaying. but now, days that are meaningless, everyday seems very wasted.

i'm thinking that, i can do more than this.

i shall see what job my agent could get for me then. =D

Jun 21, 2008

our date =D

yesterday, Guo Zhang, Tee Yoong, Chea Hwey, Wayne and I watched Made Of Honor at Mid Valley. =)

after that, we headed to Italiannies which located at The Garden for lunch.

wahliao eh..we were discussing where to eat for so long. lol

anyway, let the pictures show how 'delicious' was our food.

the bread. appetizer? probably.

my Strawberry Milk Shake.
it's nice! but 10.50 MYR. Wayne was a lil shocked.

the PASTA. (forgot what name is it.)
from Hwey's blog, it's called Salmon Fettucine . lol
taste ok ok la.

the Classic Pizza. not that nice la.
Pizza Hut better. haha

EDITED: Hwey want her face to be blurred. so i just straight away delete it la. haha

Hwey was so busy snapping her hot chocolate, with the bread in her mouth. lol
she tried at so many angle. =D

sat there for 2 hours, i think. chatted about many things.

it's great to have some date like this. =)

ya, about today. i was watching The Silver Chamber of Sorrow ( 银楼金粉)for the whole day and finally finished it. hahahaha

do you think that these 2 chairs look similar? i found that those furnitures in the drama, were almost the same in my house. lol

because they are all antiques and my house is antique too. -.-

my house's chair.

the drama's chair.
i know the quality is sucks. lol

if anyone of you watch this drama, you can see that their living room long chair are same as in my house too. lol

Jun 18, 2008

unexpected time. Kajang Satay! =)

finished my last paper. not really satisfy, i feel i didn't do my best. however, it's over. i should be happy. =)

so we watched Kung Fu Panda at Mid Valley in english version. probably the cantonese version is more funny. (he said the kung fu terms should be quite funny, lol) because, the time for it were all selling fast. unexpected lo.

actually i never plan of watching this cartoon movie. i thought it's very childish, but ya i need something to make me laugh. it did its part, i really laughed. hahahaha

what really made me laugh was the facial expression of the PANDA! it's really funny la.

we went to X-cut to get his hair done. as he is NOT fussy and 'oi leng' type of guy, he thinks X-cut is good enough to deal with his hair. LOL

unexpectedly again, it took 30mins. the guy was very seriously cutting his hair. gel his hair also longer than others. lol

it stated 15 bucks for 15 mins ma. i waited till i almost fell asleep. and he did too! haha. we both were tired la. a little.

unexpectedly, he came to my house at 9pm. i thought he won't be coming already. but ya, he came! happy-nya~ after hung out a while at my house then we go yum cha!

we went to eat Kajang Satay! for quite a long time didn't eat Satay already.

this is the kuah and the rice and the timun.

we ordered 15 sticks of chicken only. not really hungry la.
thought wanna yum cha only.

look clearly! no fats one. this is quality Satays!
seriously, this place has better Satay. =)

finally, i love you! =)

for the sweetness and warmness u gave me.

Jun 17, 2008

what my dad thinks. now i know. =D

ya, one more paper to end this! yeah~!

i'm quite confident with today's paper. not 100% still, but i think can get a distinction. not hoping for a HIGH distinction thou. =S

didn't get to see him today. i finished my paper, ciao home.

later have to send my dad to airport. yes, he is going for a trip AGAIN. this time, don't know which part of Europe country.

this morning, he complained that i didn't wish him this.

'Happy Father's Day'

he said: sui lui bao lai ga, du mou wish ngo on Father's day.

me: lei gah yi ge meh?

he said: lei sai goh si hau mou siong gon je. yi ga dai goh joh ngo zao gah yi la.

* i hope you guys actually understand these bunch of translated cantonese words. lol

i was like huh..

actually i intended to wish him wan. but that day, he was whole day "bou-ing" his drama. then he went out already. so, i thought probably he don't care whether we wish him or not. haha

now i know. he minds.

he is a 口不对心 punya father. that day didn't ask for any plan also. now only talked about it.

next yr i wish u la, daddy. =)

Jun 14, 2008


i stayed at home again.

due to the price increased in petrol, i tend to stay at home and try not to use so much of petrol by going anywhere. this included finding him for lunch. ='(

what to do? i stay so far, which is real far to One U. not like staying at P.J. that's convenience.

i thought about him so much today. not that he is the only one that living in my world now. being together so long, everyday is like a beginning of us for me. wondered why.

i love seeing him smiles. as he didn't smile as much as he does now. his smile is so cute. =)

why didn't he smile this much last time? i mean before i knew him or after i knew him. don't know. he told me he changed because of me, which i made him smile. and gradually changing more.

in this so-free-day, i was thinking a lot about us too.

how we knew each other, what was his first sentence said to me, how was he looked compared now, gifts he gave me, first time holding hands, first time hugged, first time kissed, first time came to my house, first time seeing my parents, etc. damn many la.

feelings never change. i love to be with him thou. he makes me feel secure. definitely not because he have a wider shoulder than anyone else. haha. things that he did, just make me feel safe. =)

sometimes, i wonder without him, how my life would be.

i did realized my life was fine without him before. if now; a big IF, i have to live without him, it will be fine too right? but memories are memories. it will store in our mind and make us think of it sometimes. it's kinda sad.

i don't want to. so, i choose to stick with him no matter what. =)

of course unless he 'bao yi lai' or become gay or whatever shit it is. then i don't want him for sure. hehe

Jun 13, 2008

no motivations la. =(

what i know is, slack. just slack.

what i did for the day?

well, i woke up at 130pm. kinda late as i slept at 2am. stayed at home, watched tv, eat chocolates.

some more? errr....no more. basically i kept watching tv and eat. well, i did used the Joba sometimes. =) shake away some fats ma. lol

i didn't touch my notes at all. shoot! i can only blame myself, for being so lazy and slow.

probably after this, i will go read up and stay late. then tomorrow wake up at 1pm again. lol

i miss him. i thought yesterday met already, then i wouldn't think of him so much today.

well, it didn't work. i still miss him.

due to his test on monday, and he works during weekends. so he have to stay at home to study today. and i chose not to disturb him too. (so considering huh? lol)

last night, his friend, jee sien, asked me how long we have been together. and i told her 4 years.

her reaction was: "what?!". i was like so unbelievable meh? = o


i love u guys! =)

i went over to twins house. it was an immediate plan, which have no planning at all. haha

we just went over, chit-chat, and chat and chat. =)

btw, 'we' refers to guo zhang, nicole and me.

so, someone suggested to play mahjong! we played 3 person mahjong. it was so fun! because i won 4 round in a row. =) that was before Jonathan (hwey's cousin brother) is back. lol

this is a simple game right? lol

ya. then we played 4 person mahjong. i didn't win a round. semua Jonathan menang. but, it was a harder game. i got confused la.

oh, did i mention he is a '鬼佬'? haha. he learned from the grandma in the house. now, damn expert dy.

so ya, thanks to hwey, nicole, guo zhang plus Jonathan (extra one, haha).

i am extremely happieeeee today. thanks!

met up with him. watched The Incredible Hulk. was really incredibly shocking. lol

it was unexpected one that we met up today.

i felt sweet, because it was kinda long that we didn't meet up at a place by going there separately. he didn't call when he reached. but he found me and popped up behind me. ya, that's why i felt sweet. =)

then, he sent me home after movie. for how long we haven't do this? since he started to work on weekends, and busy everyday for his course. probably few months.

but i know he still care for my feelings. he felt guilty for making me felt lonely. =)

so, i forgave him la. = p

Jun 11, 2008

hardest time is over =)

IM paper is over! yeah~~!!

but it was real hard. we were totally stoned ,at least i was; when we flip the question paper. damn it lor.

i wonder can i really score 10 marks out of 40 to pass this damn paper. ya, i only need 10 marks!

wasted my effort of studying so much of it, and it didn't came out as i thought it will. ='(

seriously, i wanted to cry in the exam hall. but i 忍 till it ended, and till i got into the car. yes, i cried. he was comforting me. omg, first time. cried after exam. =S

anyway, it's over. i will concentrate on my last 2 paper, consider easier A LOT than Finance and IM, which is Business Stats and Econ Tech. =)

we have 6 days to relax before the 3rd paper. damn good. =D

nicole, let's yum cha tomorrow! or let's go to twin's house for small gathering or something. buy snacks over and chat and play cards or scrabble all day long. ya!

Jun 10, 2008


i was reading my notes for International Marketing exam. i finished another topic, then i fell asleep.

and now what am i doing?! i will be so dead. u know?

had my dinner. so full.

aunty cooked my favorite dishes. ada lady fingers, MUSHROOMS (the best!) , fried fish, plus meat ball soup. (i don't really like meat ball, prefer fish balls. haha)

probably, she knows that i study till so tired, should cook dishes that i like to eat. =)

specially to hwey, teing, nicole,

i miss u guys! =)

p.s: i can still remember three of you are the first friends i talked to in form one. and i can't differentiate hwey and teing. =)

Jun 9, 2008


finished Finance paper.

it's not as easy as i thought. they can really twist the question to a level which i don't know how and what to start with. =S
i did the questions before, but didn't know how to write it out already. lol

anyhow, i completed every question, with some doubts. of course. i'm not 100% sure for every question. EVERY single question.

i'm totally sure that i can pass this subject (as my internal marks are considerably high), but at least let me get a credit for it. ='S

oh ya, it ended at 855pm. i was very wrong in timing. thought it will end around 8pm tim. lol
sucks in calculations! arrrr...

so, 1 down! 3 more to go. and hopefully i can handle the 'stress' here. = o

i'm thinking of someone. suddenly. thinking how does he looks now. haha.

how long we haven't meet leh? don't know.

so glad to see you with your another half now. =)

Jun 8, 2008

less than 24 hours

ya, i think i'm glad that it's less than 24 hours to Finance paper. i wish it could just end and yeah! next paper. -.-

and Metropolitan College time management is bloody caring-student-feelings. tomorrow's paper is at 645pm. and the duration is 2hours and 10 mins! so, it will end around 8pm. lol

imagine, i walk into the exam hall with a bright evening and come out with dark night. it's actually not a big deal lar. i am just over acting here. lol

damn it. i don't know shall i continue studying or just cover my head with blankets and sleep. = o

if i will just lay on my bed now, i feel a lil guilty. not that i'm not well prepared. i just afraid that i miss something from my notes that i didn't remember. =S

the feeling of forgetting a thing during exam time, is damn shit. keep on recalling but ya, can't remember a thing. O.O

i don't want this to happen on me again. not even once. i wish. *pray hard*

btw, i can't sleep lar. trying to think of the tomorrow's paper.

*flip the question paper. read the first question. O.o apa ni?* = /

choi! better not. lol

okay, better continue reading my notes. * i know she is looking after me*

Jun 7, 2008

not a good timing

1 and a half day left to my Finance paper on Monday! and guess what?

my PMS came at 1 am on the Saturday morning! yes, middle of the night.

had the medicine which he bought for me, a stronger pain killer pill. it helped to cure stomach ache, but it caused headaches (side effect).

slept for few hours after eating the medic, feels lots better. but guess how i slept?

i can't sleep with the normal sleeping gesture. i have to lean on my pillow, and slept like sitting pose. lol. because it lessen my pain. i think cz it bends my waist, so lessen the pain? don't really know why.

ya, so it's not a good timing for it to come. however, it's better than it come during my exam week. =)

kinda tired thou. cried alone there sometimes. pain mar.

this time, i didn't use ice pack at all. because someone took it. my brother! he is having fever. this is the bad thing when my house only have ONE ice pack. =(

anyway, better get back to study. time to work real hard. = o

Jun 4, 2008

syok and terrible day.

my class ended at 5pm.

luckily we went to college together, so he picked me up on this heavy rainy day. felt so warm. =)

the rain was terribly heavy till we couldn't see the road clearly and cars were going TOO SLOW!
if you can't go over 30km/h, then go to middle lane or something lar. don't stay on in fast lane, plus the hazel lights are on. (people won't know which direction you wanna go later) damn!

so we reached PJ oldtown safely. lol.

but we stayed in the car due to the lil flood on the road. don't wanna get TOO MUCH of wetness. haha.

it was around 6pm already after we chit chatted in the car.

then went to the phone shop to get some thing done.

rain is not that heavy already. he can ran under the rain and open the door for me with an umbrella. haha.

i really don't know shall i feel fortunate that i stay so far.

Kajang! have to use Seremban Highway to go home punya orang. which i only feel fortunate for today. why?

everywhere's punya petrol station are lined up with cars, till the highways are jammed due to that. plus, my car's petrol light was blinking already!

luckily i reached this Seremban Highway's punya Shell Station, which considered having the most pumps compared with others. =)

i waited 10 mins, then i got my turn. then 55 swap card, pumped full tank, ciao. haha

seriously speaking here. first time i actually saw people lined up for so long till can cause jam to pump petrol. i didn't get to watch it last time. this time, i seriously experienced it by myself. -.-

oh ya. along my way home, i saw 4 cars broke down. and Chia Li had a car accident too.

a rainy day plus petrol price increases plus broke downs plus jams. what a day!

Jun 3, 2008

a rainy day

it's my side mirror. can't see a thing. only car lights.
damn annoyed lor. =(

it was raining since morning. till night, still raining. but of course, it was very cooling all day. haha

went to hospital to visit my grandpa.

yesterday night, he complaint that his chest has a lil pain, so my uncle quickly send him to hospital to checked. then they admitted him.

although he is in ICU now, but he was laughing and joking around with us. hopefully he will be fine.

he said, after the report is out, he will transfer to normal wad if nothing is serious.

dumplings are ready~! had 2 already. yes, only 2. =)

this is one of the basket only. haha

my bro can eat up to 5 dumplings a day. so it won't take long to finish other baskets too.

i wanna eat the yellow color type, eat with sugar wan. my grandma haven't make that yet. don't know she will make it or not.

didn't go to library study today. was so lazy. can't get up till it was 12pm. O.O

so, i stayed at home. tried to study, but didn't work out well. lol

plus, it was raining. didn't have the mood to read a word.
so i took my notes, sat in front of tv, and tried to stuck in some words in my head. damn!

tomorrow i will go to library again. left 5 days to first paper. -.o
if don't rajin now, i will gonna regret. very soon.

Jun 2, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival?

i typed 端午节 in the Toogle to translate it into English. so, it is called Dragon Boat Festival. lol

just now, Aunt Delly and Brigete were cutting these into pieces. then turned it into minis. haha

winter melon sugar. =)
tasted it. so sweet.

so, aunt cut it.

and it became like this. just look like rice.
so pure. lol

yes, it is use to make Nyoya dumplings. so it will be so so sweet. =)

my grandma will be coming tomorrow to make it. and so, we will get to eat it by tomorrow night. or next morning. haha

can't wait. air liuh sedang dripping. lol

okay, actually it's time for me to study. ='(

but today i went college's library to study for 3 hours already. all by myself! yes. alone.
(someone came by half way, but we didn't talk much. lol)

damn cold inside. wore jacket already also still freezing.

so, no more for tonight since i finished it already.

tomorrow will be going there again for International Marketing! damn subject. all words.

wonder why i can only concentrate to study when i'm in library...= o
i wondered around yesterday when i was at home, trying to study. lol

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