Feb 24, 2009

think hard.

my first class started today. i was sitting all alone for the whole day. i still get to know some people in my class though. overall, still not bad. :)

one thing must mention. i met the guy that went to the Macau trip too, i mean the business trip. he's a son of my dad's friend. if i'm not mistaken, Jonathan is his name. so ya, someone that i didn't expect to see here. apparently, he's been studying here for a year already. and his Australian accent is goooood. i don't remember he speaks like that. but, he talked with me in Cantonese. when he speaks Canto, he totally looks like an Asian. Haha.

and, after attended the class, i think i couldn't go back on May. there's a mid term exam for this particular subject, but the date is not confirm yet. *smacking the table*
what am i gonna do?! i wanna go back! :'(

i really don't know what to do.

today's weather is so cooling. walked back alone at windy evening. so cool.

1 stars*:

Anonymous said...

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