Mar 14, 2009

Fremantle - hotness

went to Fremantle today. walked around Fremantle. it's really a boring place plus weather is so hot.
the so called MALL is not a MALL. some are streets with shops or a supermarket inside a building. wth. i was expecting more than that, seriously.

and, common brands apparels are expensive. i rather go Harbour Town. i wanna go again! :)

market shopping. bought veges and fruits. very scared home has out of stock. HAha.
some are quite expensive thou. but, had to buy some for stock up.

the entrance.
no dogs allowed. a lot of babies with mummies inside. :)

strawberries from Fremantle Market.
flashed because it doesn't look good at all. too ripe.

this is what i had for dinner for 2 days.
cheese slides plus chocolate spread. Yummie. :)
quite fattening thou.

46 more days! i miss you. :)

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