Mar 28, 2009

happie moment

Webcam with my hubby at, slept at 5a.m.We can video call all night and crap nonsense. HAha. it's just so fun.

I'm glad that he realized something and determined to change it or make things better.
I'm just happy to have you, hubby. :)

We are already planning on what to do on that 6 days! Excitements, can't wait.

Distance relationship might spice up the feelings OR make things worst. I'm glad, that we are the at the front situation. i miss seeing his smiles, in real.

Sometimes, we might not know what is exactly happening to each other in different places. Telling each other everything is very important. Don't hesitate, it's not gonna help. I'm gonna shoot out everything to him from now onwards, no matter what shit. :)

His words are seriously very powerful. One moment can make me mad, another moment can make my heart soften.

Quote: the more you cry, the more you smile because you have me. :)

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