Mar 2, 2009

i would love to have a car.

walked to Uni for lunch and to checked out whether the books i bought online are ready for collections. yep, it's there. i saw my name at the shelf. :)

and, walked back to the dorm with
4 books! it was blardy heavy and i thought of my Myvi. i used to drive and go everywhere with it. at least, i can stop right in front of my college and take the books from my locker. that was last time. i miss it.

4 books from the right.

this is what happen if you didn't peg your cloths properly.
the wind will do its job. HahAhAha

we had steamboat night yesterday. so random.
and so many dishes to wash. *rough hands i have now*

a chicken base and a tom yam base.

since i have all my books now, i can get started with my assessments. i feel so complete now.
sounds weird. LOL

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