Mar 7, 2009

it's different.

i realized they can walk real fast. it's supposed to be a relax shopping day. but, i don't feel it at all. it was more likely in a rush.

maybe it's only Hwey. she doesn't really enjoy window shopping or walks around the malls without a PURPOSE, which i don't need one. i can kill the time by walking around and have impulse purchase. it feels good, but don't over do it. :)

and, girls talk.
probably it's because they are sisters and all the while they have been telling each other EVERYTHING (maybe not everything la) at home, college, outside and now, UNIVERSITY. plus, in the ROOM.
yep, i feel bored. maybe things that they were talking about are not what i wanted to listen at all. OR maybe we are totally living in a different world; not at the same channel.
she plays dota, she plays e-bay and i do not. get the point?
i thought we can be totally intimate roomies before we came. not really, for now. maybe time will do its job.
ya. so, it's different from what i thought so.

wookay, let's live happily through out the year. :)

3 stars*:

Nicole Yong said...

hwey mmg like tht wan go mall must have purpose.. she wont go mall just for a walk and so forth.

chea hwey plays dota? since when omg! if its so, play L4D!! =D

aiya, need more bonding time lor.. just blend more lah.

_VeL_ said...

it's just a metaphor. i don't know she plays dota or not la.

yep, it has just been a month. long more to go. :)

cheahwey said...

I play CS.
Hahahah, ive burned my habits into your brains!

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