Mar 30, 2009

Kaya + Cheese + Bread = Yucky.

My mouth got itchy after 2 hours of dinner, so I went to the fridge looked for food.

1. Carburry Chocolate - too fattening for this late.
2. Strawberry Yogurt - okay, quite healthy.
3. Kaya - hmm. it's there for quite some time already.
4. Cheese - okay, can slice in the bread. oh, no chocolate spread. should have buy it last week.
5. Ice cream - just had with yogurt.

So, i applied Kaya and a slice of CHEESE on my bread . And, microwaved it. Can u imagine how eww is it? Cheese melted with the Kaya. Gosh.
It tasted weird. Will not try it anymore.

Yogurt faded the taste of it. :)

I scalded my last finger on the pan when i was cooking just now. Still hurts, especially when i bath with hot water. Blardy pain. I thought wrap it with handy plaste won't be that pain. :(

The dinner was wookay. At least, i know i can cook alone. *happie*
I felt nervous. Wonder how the dishes will be and whether they will like it or not.
i think this will be what i feel when i cook for him next time. HaHA.

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