Mar 20, 2009

kiss of the rain

it rained, not heavily. but i was kinda wet thou. it was cold and freezing during the walk back home. the wind and the temperature. i wanted to cry. felt so unprotected.

however, thank god it rained. can moisture the land a little, without drying up the whole damn land.

it's FRIDAY! we are suppose to drink now. but, they don't seem to have the mood. Teing's having the visit and Hwey, no idea. she can stays in the room for the blardy whole day to bou series. ya, so here i am now.

probably we are bored seeing the same blardy person for the whole damn week. even for the drinking section. come on, give us a break.

but, we live with no choices. unless i start going out at night with new friends or even offer myself to my friend's house for a drink. so desperate.

probably being alone is way better to live with.

changed my blog skin. bored with same old bright colors. black is more suitable with my life now. add in some colorful stuffs that happened once in a while, there goes the pink spots.

good thing of not having many readers. less opinions.

3 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Not no mood la. Pain ma. So better not drink on the first day lo. Tonight we can!! =D

_VeL_ said...

pain then no mood la. how to drink when in pain?

ya, we shall drink tonight. tomorrow left for studies. :(

Cathy C said...

ha ha ha..nice wert the layout..not nice meh

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