Mar 25, 2009

shocked awake

it's a day without classes. *happy*
but need to study and do homework. sigh.

as you can read from Hwey's blog, this morning we were all shocked up by a fire alarm. blardy scary fire alarm. but, i wasn't awake till someone knocked on my door. HAhaHA.
very tired la. thank god, nothing serious happened. but i was smart enough to hold my student card. XD

im so waiting for this day to come. :)

orange flavored Vodka. -.-
tasted nothing like alcohol. 4.5% wor.
some more, $12 for 4 bottles. expensive la.

2 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Eh! End of April coming soon. Damn fast. Actually the whole sem going end soon also la. OmGGGGG. Tonnes of essays to write... All due soon. Got a script also! Haiya...

_VeL_ said...

End of march is coming. haven't April yet also. got tonnes of assignments to do too when it's on April. luckily we have 2 week Easter break.

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