Mar 22, 2009

i forgotten to put a title.

some improvements on cooking. :)

credit to Teing and Hwey's brain for thinking of these dishes.
i just wanna help out in cooking these. HAhaHA

however, this will be my future reference when i need to cook for him. XD

2 weeks ago.
cabbage with minced meat.

sweet & sour stir fry chicken, again.
this time, added cucumber and tomatoes. :)

today. didn't help out as period time. also, was webcam-ing with him and his family. it was fun!

fried egg + baked beans + minced meat
Hwey added a lot of tomato sauce. HAhaHA

luncheon meat + cucumber + broccoli + tomatoes

need more recipes. i can't contribute anything. i have no idea on what can cook. ideas, ideas.

today was very bored. nothing to do, except sleep, listen songs, wait for his sms.

i wanted to start on my homework. but just way too lazy. i typed one sentence, that's it. can die la. period mood. i'll get better tomorrow. HahA.

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