Mar 8, 2009

we shall keep it up. :)

i been updating very rapidly. free from work, a moment. then, back to work.

random shots. :)
both of them were busy washing dishes. haHA

White RICE! happie nya. :)

made from the
mince meat and some ingredients. Hwey found the recipe on net.
the shapes damn awkward right?

fried way. fish filets.
first attempt. failed!
we been cooking like this for two times, i think.

baked way.
tasted A LOT better. i likey with
tartar sauce! :)

sweet and sour stir - fry chicken.
tasted nice too! :)

we are improving. yes, we are. HAhaHaha.

9 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You like damn happy like that. hAhAh

_VeL_ said...

u mean the time we had dinner or when i was blogging about it? HAhahA

-Littlenicky- said...

omg is tht minced meat and fried fish suppose be so hangus? O-o

or hwey doesnt know how to fry? hahahaha

_VeL_ said...

minced meat, i fried.
fish filets, they fried.

we were unsure whether is it cooked. so it took quite a long time and it became like that.

u think cooking very easy ar? AHhahaHA

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

When you were blogging. :)

_VeL_ said...

i was. thinking i could cook these food for him, i got excited. HAhAhahA

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Eh! Me too!!! =)

-Littlenicky- said...


u two ah!

cooking isnt that hard... but for me.. baking is a lil harder.. need a bit skill n trick..

cooking. still ok la

i dowan cook for bird man... his tongue .. to royalty edi..

_VeL_ said...

i don't bake. i buy. HAhahHa

anyway, try cook something that he likes la. even though not as good as what he ate, but still you cook ma.

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