Apr 21, 2009


Yep, i came across this - Blogsvertise when i was reading Teing's blog. It was a 2007 post entry. very long ago. I had a feeling of reading the posts that i missed before i started my blog.

I might not be VERY good in english, but still feel like giving it a try thou. everyone has to learn new things in their life, right?

So, this Blogsvertise is asking bloggers to mention, review, compliment or even complaint about the products or websites that they assign to them. i think it's pretty simple, if the particular product is useful or familiar to you. if it's not, you still get to learn some new stuffs. not too bad.

it's not the income that attracts me, it's the products or websites that they will ask me to review. probably i'll not going to do well in this. I shall see. hmmm.

1.30a.m. already. bed time.

3 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I find that writing sponsored posts help a lot. Provided that you make the effort to research about the topic. I know lots of stuff now. HaHHaa.

_VeL_ said...

ya, so i wanna give it a try. see how will it goes. i read some of yours and Hwey's SP, i found some interesting stuffs also. HahaHa.

Anonymous said...

haha. ho pei chuen. lol i labeled u as pei c. lol

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