Apr 26, 2009

In deep serious shit

The Ho's sisters (except the youngest one) are now discussing about Ho's gf who looks like a lala. And, we totally dislike her from the first impression. (we - both elder sisters)

What i'm afraid is my brother will get cheat by this girl. In the sense of money and feelings. What they scared is he will get her pregnant. That girl seem to be so OPEN, overnight at our house for 2 nights already. I guess they just knew each other for not too long.

From what i heard from them, i'm really so worry about him. He's the closest to me, and now i'm so far apart and no frequent communication with him because he no online. wth he have internet connection but don't on MSN? Maybe i should e-mail him. Anyway, I don't know what is he thinking. He claimed that our parents don't care about him. sounds like teenagers depression. He is 21 la. too late for all this right? I guess that's how he get to click with this lala girl. Come home at 4a.m. mostly everyday. omg.

How i hope i can fly back now and ask him about everything. it's not something simple you know. this matter can get to very serious and huge damage point. Oh brother, what are you thinking?

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Cathy C said...

last time i see his friendster, he was with this girl like quite long one wor..no meh????
you really have to talk to him..you sounded like the girl damn bad like that...@@

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

SMS him la. Spare a few dollars to talk with your bro. And ask him to spare a few ringgit to talk to you. Anyway, you're going home already, you can scope out the chick.

And no point saying how you don't like the girl and all.. Or that she's after the money etc. No one listens.

Actually, what can we, as thrid parties, do when we see someone close to us mingling with the wrong company? I can't seem to think of any that's viable.

_VeL_ said...

Cathy: that girl in Friendster is his ex. Actually that girl quite good lo. But no faith la. =(

Deng: if i was there when he was knowing this girl, he will tell me about it and i would stop him. like seriously. i don't know how bad is this girl. hopefully he won't do stupid stuffs with her.

-Littlenicky- said...

aiya see how lo have to meet up and speak to her then only can judge wan ma..

some ppl outwardly look very er.. let's just say ng sun ngan.. but they're quite ok within wan ma..

we as third parties.. dont know whats happening.. maybe that girl is the only one he find he could talk to..

maybe he misses u too much leh hehee..

boys mmg dont communicate much with parents wan so the only one they can talk to is either siblings or gf.

actually i think im talking bout bird here hahaha..

_VeL_ said...

But she requested to stay at our house!!! And apparently she wanted to change job so asked my mom can hire here or not and requested to stay at our house! blardy hell. no way!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

WALAU EH. She REQUEST ah?? She very close with your mum wan ah?? And staying as in moving in with your bro ah??

How long have they been going out???

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

She's practically living off your bro/parents, if it's like that lo.

_VeL_ said...

Nope. we are not close at all. they just knew each other not too long ago only lo. then she overnight at our house. if she's a good one, won't simply overnight at guys house gua.

Cathy C said...

if she's open minded those, somehow i think staying overnight cannot really judge she's good or bad la.

Just that, the thing you tell us now seems that she damn greedy like that..like wanna rely on ur brother and like money minded kinda person...wanna stay at ur place, somemore wanna work at ur mum's shop...this could simply means she's lazy...like got bf there, if do wrong thing also no one cares, sorta stuff

_VeL_ said...

From what they told me, this girl is working at a dvd store next door. pirated ones. I never see her before so i can't judge her anyway. The way they told me just simply means that she's money minded and wanna con my brother. that's what im worrying.

-Littlenicky- said...

u go back see her tht time.. talk to her in neutral gear lor.. then only u analyse n judge.

if really dun like her then secretly PHANGG KHUI JAO lor.

siokwah is right also lo.. being open minded cant judge her. Maybe she come from complicated family or something or having relationship problem with family members then need a place or something..

but from your story, she seems quite thick skin. IF like me n birds mum.. consider quite close, open mouth request something ok lah..

but still..

and i've never ASKED ANYTHING from birds mum before lor!

then now she is working in ur shop?

-Littlenicky- said...

then ur mum and dad said nothing meh?

pregnant. They stayed in the same room meh?

aiya i think ur brother should know what is *stretch stretch* getah kua?

_VeL_ said...

Nope, my mom is not gonna hire her la. we all said NO! hire her must let her stay at our house, later she thinks the house is hers and "sai" our maids like her maids.

that 2 nights, gave her a room then my sister saw she went to my brother room at the middle of the night. wtf. parents scolded him. ya lo. they scared she wants to get pregnant and con my brother money la.

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