Apr 16, 2009

More shopping!

Thanks to Kae Shiuh, I'm now addicted to SHIN CHAN! and wasting my bandwidth. gosh. not good. left 3.5GB only. how to survive till August? i don't wanna purchase la. expensive shat.

Anyway, back to Shin Chan. it's from Youtube - 妈妈减肥记 (Ma Ma keep fit - one of the episodes). it's in mandarin thou. this is funny. i know it's quite stupid too. who cares? it made me laughed! Yay!

m' getting fatter due to the chocolate consumptions. I bought chocolates again today. walking in the mall alone feels good, as in walk in every store and see anything i want. don't have to think whether you companion feels bored or not. of course, sometimes having a companion for some shopping spree is great too. just that, today i wanted to be alone. alone.

To the twins, let's have grocery shopping on this Friday? don't know have mark down products or not. feels so great when get to buy cheap stuffs, you see. HaHahA. oh, and i bought the
Ski D'lite Strawberrt Yogurt for only $4! Special again! Yay! And, seedless grapes. I know, the green one haven't finish yet. never mind la. will finish it soon! :)

bought a black cotton skirt from
Cotton On for only $5! bloody cheap. but Teing and Hwey sure won't get to buy any, because they are size 6! (the size that is freaking hard to find here) im size 8! i'm fat, i know. Luckily still have size 8 for that skirt. *happy*
spotted a light blue denim skirt only for $15, but no size 8. *sad*

Mind that orange cloth, to make a contrast ma.

the water bottle i bought in Cotton On for $2. it's for charity.
The theme -
Message in the Bottle.
(Click on the picture to see what is written there.)
i was thirsty, so why not?

13 more days! walked the whole Carousel, cannot spot any Nougat for my "mother in - law". will ask Claire to buy it for me at South Perth, i think. the next grocery shopping, i shall buy the seasonings packets for Aunty too. Remind me please. thank you. :)

i should have brought the Coles bag with me. didn't want to buy so many stuffs from Coles as their plastic bags tear off so easily. u know, i don't want to be so clumsy in front of so many people in case the blardy bag tear off half way.

can't wait for our grocery shopping! :D

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