Apr 10, 2009

motivations, puh-lease..

I'm doing very little work in a day - work as in ASSIGNMENTS! progress is too slow.

I need MOTIVATIONS! Looking forward to that day is one, but it's making me depress. LOL. No idea of why.

washed my cloths today, few pieces. i think if i'm doing it for everyday in this week, i can save the
$1 for laundry. HAhaHA. still some left in the laundry basket. hand-washing all at a time, is VERY tiring. i rather doing it everyday, bit by bit. arms muscles also bigger already. HAhAHa

and i feel sleepy all the time. it's the room or just me? seriously. my room is white, all white! accept the curtains are blue. probably is the laptop's brightness. I can't seem to get a suitable mode. :(

i feel hungry easily, even after a full meal. especially middle of the night. don't know what to eat although i have supplies in my room that my mom sent it over.

2 Pringles gone! addicted.
someone is jealous over my junks here. LOL

getting fatter each day. sigh. i hope the first thing i will be hearing from people when i'm back in M'sia is
NOT "Wah, fatter already la." GrrrRr.

Feeling so dead.
So freaking dead. Whole body is dead. I'm dead. :S

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