Apr 3, 2009

Pick up the phone!

Came across the news of Tiger Airways just now. It was about customers' complaints. Wow.

They are now 'popular' with canceling flights without notifications or unexpected schedule changes and bad customer service. i googled about the opinions on Tiger Airways. Most of it are about customer service. Rang them the whole day, no one picked up. Or put them on hold with songs for an hour or longer. Terrible, right? f***ing hate this kind of situation.

The news on TV just now was about this lady, booked the flight online and everything was confirmed. Like how we book our air tickets online with Air Asia, booking number is given and status is confirmed. Ya, and on the week she was going to take the flight to enjoy her holiday, she received a letter from Tiger Airways that flight schedule changed. Woop, no more holidays! wth, seriously? Can't they inform earlier by calls or email, at least? So horrible. And, she kept calling them. Nobody answered. sucks!

* Either, they post up schedule times that do not exist at all, but just to attract people with their low price or their system is seriously sucks! Please la, how many times of schedule change you wanna make? *

Another old man. His case was, he bought the air ticket during promotion period saying $29 for the air ticket to Melbourne. And, Tiger Airways sent him a letter saying some operation problems, and he needs to pay extra how much for the seat now. Can't remember the rest.

Yep, so Tiger Airways is out of my list. Some more which domestic airline fly from Perth to Brisbane? :o

And, luckily Air Asia doesn't have this kind of problems. Better pray, it won't have. I wanna go back M'sia on time, on day, ok?

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