Apr 26, 2009

When you didn't see The One for too long

Video call with my hubby yesterday night, till 4a.m.. He has to attend church service at 8a.m. on the next day some more. HAhaHahA.

Had some funny and stupid moments with him. One of it is the following.

my face look so retarded la.
His face so evil eh. wth.

He bought me this biscuit (the one he's holding) from Pasar Malam which taste VERY nice and every time it out of stock when he wanted to buy for me. So last week, he bought it and keep it in a container to protect it. HAhaHA.

Then, middle of the night, we both were hungry. Yep, i guess the following scenario is predicted. However, he didn't eat it. If not, i'll kill him and chop him into million pieces. IF i could.

His face expressions all damn funny wan. Made me laugh like hell.
we didn't talk through out the video call because the PC is at living room and afraid will wake his grandma up. He very cham lo, laugh also must laugh very soft. HahahAHa.

But, we whispered. Very long never call him. Miss his voice so much. =)
Actually I thought not to video call with him at all until i go back. Like that will miss him more ma. HahAha. stupid lo. Beh tahan, very long never see his face. Sms damn a lot.

One more very random one. Look at our conversations, more to what he typed.

He is a PC noob which has to look at the keyboard while typing. So, he was typing half way only realised the keyboard malfunction a while. There it goes.

And he laughed like hell after he typed it. wth. HahaHAhaHAha.

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