Apr 23, 2009

woman, I live next door only.

Saw Teing's comment in the chat box, so i knocked on her door. Wanted to tell her, "woman, i live next door only. you should know clearer than me whether the lemon juice effective or not. you see me everyday la."

BUT, she looked so pissed when she opened the door. so i, *looked at her a moment and giggled* and said, "nothing la." walked back to my room. wth.

yes, so stupid la me.

Anyway, the lemon juice doesn't really works for scar that existed very long already; those nearby my forehead ones. but it did faded a little, have to apply everyday la. And one thing, i think only apply lemon juice without the cucumber juice is much more effective but it hurts for a while. natural bleach ma.

just wondered, do everyone has to be calculative in everything? like, oh this is the scope, i cannot do more than this. if not, i loss. sometimes i feel quite piss, especially is a friend of mine who is calculative. don't know la. it's just ridiculous. suddenly thought of the one i experienced back in M'sia. PISSED.

2 stars*:

Chester Chin said...

well just my 2 cents opinion..rosehip oil works wonders with scars.

_VeL_ said...

thanks. need to google about it now. =)

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