May 8, 2009

$15 to WSPA Animal Rescue Team

I got a call from WSPA because i signed up the petition online weeks ago. Yep, so after the talking and all, I'm donating $15 to them every month. It's not a big amount, just glad that I did something for the animals. Using dad's money, still. He surely won't bother if the call is for him. So, I'm helping him to build his karma too. HaHa.

Okay, another serious matter. I need to get a CONCEALER la! Damn it. My dark circle damn obvious eh. Guess it's due to 8 days in M'sia without any nice sleep. Suggestions time. Let me know if you have one. =)

And, i couldn't upload those wedding pictures into Facebook la. Ta Ma De. Every pictures are almost 10MB or more. How to upload la? Few only then can still consider resize it but i have 400 pictures with me. Damn lazy to resize one by one eh. For the sake of uploading. Thanks to my brother's pro DSLR. I taken some with my compact camera too. But seriously, tak cukup cantik compared with his ones. Photoshop also cannot help much. I might just pick some then. Pretty faces only. HahaHA.

I'm right here when you need me. =)

ADDED: Pimples are growing like mushrooms on my face. Adapt to the weather here again, I guess. Like the time I just got here. omg la. =(

10 stars*:

nicole said...

should buy bio-essence 24K gold eye thingy hahahaa.. dad bought one for himself hahhaa..

_VeL_ said...

it works or not? if it works, i'll consider it.

nicole said...

i dunno but damn expensive. haha.. father said not bad he likes it..

i think got 3 types wan.. one for anti aging, one for anti dark circles another one dunno for what..

now got promotion..

_VeL_ said...

anti only ar? i want cure la. i already having the dark circles. Anyway, i'll look into it. thanks. =)

Cathy C said...

i also got..but i think those dont really work..sigh..but hor, like nicole said, i saw the advertisement with gigi lai promoting bio essence for dark eye circle, gold thingy says, confirm cure..wtfish..i dont know true or not..i feel like buying O.O but then..dunno the price yet, if not that super expensive can buy also..eii..nicole dad got is it?/then does it works?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You people crazy ah? They are selling gold flakes. And the brand. Bio-essence is without a doubt an expensive brand. EVERYBODY has dark eye circles. Not like anyone will notice la. It's a 'norm' because it's so common.

_VeL_ said...

But mine damn obvious eh. seriously like kena punch on the eyes like that. green color like that.

cheahwey said...

Did you make sure they were from WSPA? See see credit card fraud then die lor.

cheahwey said...

But, what do people say here, congratulations?
It's a nice thing to do.

If ever you need photoshopping assistance, you know who to call right?

_VeL_ said...

I'm pretty sure they are from WSPA. Who knows I signed up for the petition? And, it's working by debiting through my account. Not my dad's credit card. So, in the future, I still can continue donating with my money.

And, thank you! You're the first one who tell me it's a nice thing to do. HAhaHA. Why suddenly talk about photoshop? Alla, I damn cha in photoshop la.

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