May 1, 2009

Cried before seeing The One

I was wholly excited in the plane till i cried. It was 8 minutes before the plane was going to land. I was seriously very very nervous. I didn't feel unwell at all. I even fell asleep when it was flying off the ground. geng leh?

This 2 days were extremely fun and happy. Seeing him again, and the words spoken. Deep down in my heart, I feel "tim dou lau" for every words he said to me. =)

Watched The Sniper. Wah, three of them are super handsome! I kept telling him Lincoln is so handsome. HAhahAHha. Also, had dim sum at 2a.m. after the movie. Super nice! I will not have this for the next 9 months. *happy sigh*

Just came back from supper with my families. Had our family photo taken. =)
Sorry to him, that he wasn't in the photo and held 4 cameras with him to take the photo. HAha. Everyone was, "mine too, mine too." wth.

I still haven't get my dress yet. Unbelievable. Walked Pyramid and Mid Valley also can't find a dress that i like. Have to go One U tomorrow la. Last day man. Hopefully i can get something that i like. While, Helen got her dress at Eclipes. I was still considering that dress thou. But that white is super pure. Have to buy suitable inner.

My dad is jealous of my cats. HAhahaHAhaHAha.
He claimed that, I care for my cats more as I asked about my cats more than him when i was in Perth. HAhahHa. Daddy, I still love you and Mummy the most okay. =)

Okay, got to bath, apply mask and oi oi.
Another day out tomorrow with my darling! =)

2 stars*:

cheahwey said...

Dude! You cried on the plane?! I'm pretty sure the person beside you or nearby was weirded out...
Go Rest & Relax @ 1U. They might have something there. Don't remember seeing whites there, but blacks and blues are pretty good too. And I just remembered, I was supposed to show you my dress before you left.

_VeL_ said...

Ya la. i cried. Nobody was sitting beside me. HahaaHa. the front of the plane is quite empty.

I bought mine at Eighteen Eighty. White! =)

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