May 5, 2009

A step closer.

One great news!

I'm still at M'sia! I missed my flight due to blurrness in me. Long story, no point telling now la. HahaHa. So i bought another ticket to go back on Thursday. Guilty yet extremely happy. Wasted my dad's money but get to see him for 3 more days! Skipped another classes on Tuesday. Whatever la. As long as I pass up my homework to my tutor, through e-mail. =)

My sister's wedding is finally over. It was ridiculously unorganised. I was so pissed and frustrated. Wayne kept telling me, "Don't frus la. Not our wedding also. Don't worry, ours will be much more successful". HahaHA. Anyway, wedding ceremony is really 烦 la. Especially the morning one. Walao eh, damn many things to do. Tired like shit. Luckily Wayne is Christian.

Teing, your Bernard passed me some stuffs for you. Happy or not? Cannot wait already leh? HahA. Sorry ar, took few days for me to pass him those chocos and stuffs. Was busy searching for dress and many small matters happened. I bought Mamee Vegetarian flavor back for us! Nothing else already hor? Let me know if you guys want anything. =)

He overnight at my house, in my room, for 2 nights. It was really something that I didn't expect will happen. So nice la. I still remember every words he said to me. "We're like the husband and wife now". Anyway, thinking of the 9 more months without him, all this are precious to me. I will always remember. Thank you, hubby! You're always the one for me.

7 stars*:

Anonymous said...

oi, where got ppl bocor surprise wan. lol. ppl's bernard give teing thing den don tell ma. lol shhh. miss flight? be honestly, how many times u miss liao? lol

_VeL_ said...

a surprise kah? Anyway, i haven't bocor what's inside ma. HAhaHA. so, still a surprise. =)

I never miss any before la. This time is totally a misunderstood of the flight time and date. HahahHA

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I know what is it already! HahaHa. I think la. Well anyway, you must tell me what you guys do during weddings. Your role la. =D

No more Mamee Premium already. Only several packets of Indomee left. And hor, the Asian grocer in Karawara sell the nougat for $16.99 for 500g.

cheahwey said...


nicole said...

then me leh? got choc for me ah?

Cathy C said...

yerr..deng never give me anything one T.T damn sad

_VeL_ said...

Deng: Only receptionist la. But the wedding damn pissed la. come back i'll tell you la.

Hwey: I didn't buy TOM YUM la. I packed everything in my luggage already.

Nicole, Cathy: No need sad la. she'll be back on the end of the year also. Sure many things for you both.

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