May 18, 2009

The truth is always unpleasant

Being mean won't help in anything okay. Someone might accept criticisms, but not in a direct way. You might feel it's alright to tell a friend the truth. But do you ever think of what your friend will think about it?

Can you imagine you yourself get the criticism from your friend who without even think of how you will feel about it after that? If you can take it, it's fine for you. But what about others?

It hurts. In a way that, being an inconsiderate friend. You know who you are. Not asking you to fake the truth, but being considerate to a friend. Telling out things straight will not helps make things better. Just so you know.

I just realised how mean were you after like 6 hours. wth.

Just applied a mask so my face don't look like shit again on tomorrow morning. Provided I'm not sleeping late tonight again. XD

8 stars*:

Cathy C said...

Not everyone gets that.So maybe you should start adapt to it :)

_VeL_ said...

Ow, you mean because not everyone gets it, that's why i have to start adapt on getting criticisms? After reading it for few times, only i start getting the point.

So you don't get any criticisms? Just wonder.

Cathy C said...

I mean I agree with what you've written.

You are saying that not that we cannot accept the facts, but just that can't they tell us in a nicer way? Right?

Well, that's what I've been thinking all the time.

But in another way, when your friend might say something that hurt your feelings that MAYBE he/she doesn't even notice or see a big deal about it.

Then we'll feel all depressed and stuff like that, maybe we can ignore of what they have just said, because the more you disagree with them, the more argument can be busted.

Furthermore, sometimes it might already even a part of them that maybe their intention wasn't as bad as we think, maybe after all it's just the communication among you all wasn't built well enough.

To make it short, when they say something, they might not know what they have said might hurt you because everyone lives in different environment. You might think that's inappropriate, but they might not.

So, maybe you can tell them how you feel, nicely also, and if they didn't find it wrong or anything, then you should start taking another way, which is to take that as part of their personality :)

Cathy C said...

And so ignore their comments, because it would only ended up bring you sad or makes your relationship worse.

If he/she is not really important to you at all, you can choose not to talk to them already

_VeL_ said...

I do not know how to agree with you. A friend is a friend. Whether it's their personality or they intended to do so, I just can't take it. I will not disagree with the fact he/she says, but I'll just feel hurt for that. You can say I just can't accept the fact when it hits right on my face.

Cathy C said...

I mean, in this way, it will make yourself feel better than you feeling hurt about it even though there wont be any changes right.

What's the point of making yourself unhappy because of things like this, if you think you cannot take them as friend,then you like lo, don't talk to them perhaps

_VeL_ said...

Cannot take it, as in cannot take the facts. Even they're being honest to me and hurt my feelings without knowing, I still take them as my friends.

And, the whole point is the consideration. Not the issue of taking them as friends or not although they made me unhappy.

Honestly, can anyone really ignore someone's comment after hearing it? Really discard that from your memory? Okay la. I cannot. =)

Cathy C said...

for me,i will unhappy la..but after sometime, i'll try to forget about it..

dont so unhappy la..*slap slap* horr..pc angry liao...*sayang back* HAHAH

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