Jun 24, 2009

Awesome Day!

Finally we get to watch Transformer today!! Damn happy la.

Actually we thought we of watching it on Friday by buying the tickets today, because we saw the lights are blinking for all the sessions. From noon to midnight! All blinking. =.- And the que is so freaking long. Sure can't get any nice seats when it's our turn la.

But we still tried our luck. At first, the guy said all the halls left front 2 rows till this Saturday's sessions. Both of us like wtf. So kua jeong meh? Looks like have to watch on Saturday lo.

Then then then, Wayne heard the next counter fella told the customers to wait 5 more minutes, then the reservation seats are open for purchase if no one collected it. So we asked the fella la. It was 3.10p.m., and we wanted to watch at 3.30p.m., AND there was 2 reservation seats are not occupied yet! YAY!!! Very very very happy i tell you, especially after que for so god damn long. =.= Damn nice seats some more. Thanks to my smarty hubby la. XD

The lucky tickets. =)

Transformer is awesome! I wanna watch it again. I wish my dad has free gold class tickets this time. Sam is so handsome! His name is unique too; Shia LaBeouf. Megan is so hot! Her tanned skin. Nice la. XD

The massive jam outside of The Garden. =S

Us, in The Garden.

After that we went to SS2 makan dinner, the restaurant called Restaurant Lorong Seratus Tahun. You all live in P.J, sure know there sell what la. Curry Mee! Taste okay la.

Then, we bungkus 猪肠粉 from the stall at the roadside. It was raining some more. We were full but still feel like eating. XD

He was buying from the stall, while I was waiting in the car.

Like hungry ghosts, keep eat and eat. Aiseh, fat man. The both of us. HAhaHAha.

4 stars*:

-Littlenicky- said...

hoh! din come find us!!

_VeL_ said...

Wanted to find twins, then scared their mother dun let them go out. How i know la? Phone no battery some more that time. You all also didn't call me la. =.=

hy said...

SS2,very near my house >.<" i wanna go home..

hy said...

SS2,very near my house >.<" i wanna go home..

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