Jun 14, 2009

Comfortable home

I smiled when I woke up this morning. =)
Ahh, my room. The not so whitey and the rack that full of all my cute stuffs room. And, the Mickey Puzzle. And and, my queen size bed. My bolster never fall of the bed. HAhaHA. I'm so grateful that I'm home. At least for a month. Happy.

I'm gonna rest at home today. Til night. Then go for movie! I'm still tired after a long night sleep.

I have no Myvi to use at all. T T
My brother is using it to go work every day. But I do have alternatives. Asking him to switch car with me. He drives Honda, I drive back my Myvi. Weeeee. I don't wanna drive the Honda out and get into troubles. HAha.

Temperature is
33 degrees now. M'sia is this hot. Twins, get ready for the hot weather! Heehee. But it's so great that I don't have to freeze at the night, with the heather on. Dries up my skin even quicker. Not good.

The jungle behind is still a jungle. HahA. That's what I'm seeing from my room's window. But the coconut trees grow even taller now. OMG.

I-am-home-surprise wasn't successful. My dad came home earlier. I hid myself in the kitchen. And he walked in while I was cutting lady fingers. He was a little shocked. HAhaHA.

I cooked three dishes for this dinner. Only 3 dishes la.
宫保chicken, 虾仁炒蛋 and ladies fingers with chilies. HAha. The recipe of that chicken is from Wayne's grandma. She taught us how to marinate the chicken and cook it. *marinate with natural souces, not seasoning* haHAha.

Wayne helped me cook this chicken too. Thanks hubby!

The other 2 dishes, thanks to Aunty who stood beside and gave me guidance. HAha. *Forgot to take pictures of it lo. Looks damn nice.* The prawn and egg looks a lot better than last time! HAhahHA.

The prawn and egg. His skill of taking such picture.
The outcome looks damn nice wan. With some 青葱 on top. =)

Then then, my dad some more 诸多挑剔. Said, "The prawn and egg not very 香, the chicken not very tasteful. Only the ladies fingers are nice." wtf. I cooked till very sam fu ok. My dad was a CHEF before. He COOKED! My mom doesn't know how to cook AT ALL. Sikit pun beh hiao. wth. Mom said, "nice la. everything also nice." HAhaHA

Bought a cake to celebrate Parents Day. HAHAHA.
I wasn't here for Mother's Day. Father's Day is soon. So it was Parents Day yesterday. =)

I wanna make jelly with him again. With nata di koko and longan. NICE!

5 stars*:

Richard Ling said...

a truly home-sweet-home, ya

Josephine said...

nothing beats staying HOME after a long stay outside...
And that's why i travel so often!

iriene said...

Wow, u can cook very well...
I always eat out, No good , too much msg! Yeah, nothing like "Home Sweet Home" surrounding by love ones...
Btw, you came back from where.. :D

_VeL_ said...

Richard: Ya. Home-sweet-home. =)

Josephine: U travel often for work? I'm still a student. HahA

Iriene: I learned how to cook when I stayed at Perth which is like for only 4 months till now. I'm going back on July again. =S

nobodyknowsme said...

^^ selamat pulang HPC~~~~~

hehehe :)

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