Jun 9, 2009


First paper is over. Made use of my whole 2 hours and 10 minutes. Write and write and write. After it's over, only I realised I wrote too much. Way too much. Something that I shouldn't even write in for that answer. Aiseh. Don't know will deduct marks or not.

Like didn't really make use of the notes I typed. I remembered, but only I realised that I can mess everything up. Erm, only for one chapter la. PRICING! I messed up the external factors and the steps. Some contents are quite similar. Damn. Because of the word "pricing" appeared in all over the chapter. Disappointed.

Disappointed is the word. "Do well in your next paper la. Don't think too much already.", he said. I shall move on. Sigh. =(

Mandi dulu. Sangat sejuk ohh. *shiver*

We had our dinner in my room. Our house mates occupied the whole dining table to study. That's how exam period is when you're staying with someone else.

I wanna go home!! A surprise dinner and celebrate Father's Day.
4 hari lagi. I can wait no more. Hormone changes. HAhA

Studying one more chapter for backup. So tired la but have to continue.
Faster over la. Beh tahan la.

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