Jun 18, 2009

His security-ness

Yesterday, Wayne and I went to Mid Valley. Planned to watch Monster vs. Alien but no later time. Think and think. No other movies that we wanted to watch. *p.s: I'm still waiting for Hwey to watch 17 again!*

So, we planned to have dinner and walk around. See got what to buy la. After dinner, planned to walk a while and ciao home. Then, phone rang.

Brother: Where are you? Wanna watch movie or not?
Me: Mid Valley la. Where are you? Movie ar? What movie?
Brother: Mid Valley also la. Don't know yet. I go see got what movie la.
Me: You go see first la. Then only call me.

Hung up.

*I was wondering wth he came to Mid Valley alone and called me to watch movie without even confirm whether was I at Mid Valley.* I thought he stalked me. HaHAhaHa.

And so so so. He bought tickets for Blood: The Last Vampire!!! For 11.30p.m. show. That time was only 9p.m. We went home and he had dinner with his friend in Mid Valley.

OMG. I damn long never watch this kind of horror movie. Those scary faces. I know they are computer animated. But it's just horrible! I can't bear to watch it at all. I was hiding under Wayne's sleeves all the while. But those horror sound still freaked me out.

Anyway, the ending wasn't that nice. BUT Saya is really very...great! In killing all those vampires. HAha. Owesome! Seeing her fight alone, versus more than 30 vampires at a time. XD

After the movie ended, his friend asked me wth I screamed for. I do realised nobody screamed except me. Some scene is just shocking okay. Hump!

Oh oh oh. I drove home alone, at 1a.m. I hate driving home alone at night but if not, he will have to send me home and it's very tiring to do so for straight 3 nights. So, I chose to drive home myself. *considerate leh me?*

But he very worried la. Scared I'll bump into those bad guys. Told me not to stop the car no matter what. Nowadays economy went bad, many robberies happen. Take the cash never mind, scared they'll do something bad to me. Even couples also kena. I'm alone, worst. I don't read newspaper, so lots of things happen in M'sia, I'll only know after he tells me. HAha

After listening all that, I willy feel damn scared. Cepat cepat drive home. And he called me right after I stepped into my house. Very right timing. As if I don't reach on time, must be something happen to me. =.-

I always feel when he's by my side, no matter what happens, he'll always protect me and won't let anything happen to me. When I was driving alone yesterday night, I wish he was by my side. In this 5 years, he really did protected me from lots of bad things that might happen on me. Thank you hubby! =)

M'sia is really getting scary hor?

3 stars*:

LithiumMind said...

That's really sweets of him...awwww.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Hwey feels sick at the mo. Fatigue and headaches la. So don't know when we'll be able to tengok wayang.

cheahwey said...

announcement: 17 again is free for all to watch! No more tie downs with other people, go at your own time!

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